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Bury your bones

What’s the Idea?

In this time of global apocalypse, it’s really important that nobody finds your bones

What’s the story

My name is Layla and I am a Black Labrador / Bernese Mountain Dog cross.

I am only 3 years old but I have been burying bones from the first time my mummy and daddy ever gave me one.

Now that we’re not allowed out as often, I am burying my bones indoors.

People should do this because…?

Bones are yummy and precious – you must keep them safe

How do you do it?

Look for a spot where you think you can keep your bone safe

Down the side of the sofa, or under a pillow or duvet on the bed is ideal

You can put them in your dog bed but I find that is a bit obvious and your parents might move them without you noticing

Once you have found your spot you need to cover your bone well

I push it about with my nose a bit and use my paws to pull stuff over it

Stuff you may need

  • A bone
  • Somewhere to hide it

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