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Build a business to ‘Change The World’

What’s the idea?

If you have great business skills and experience, why not use them to start a business with the mission to ‘Change The World’?

What’s the story?

Myself and my team are building a business with the mission to ‘Change The World’.

Yes, we know it’s ambitious, but we believe we can totally do it.

The business is called Stuff To Do Ltd. and we run the website (you’re probably on it right now!).

I lost my job in February 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

(I was working as a business consultant in Kuala Lumpur.)

I didn’t want to sit around worrying, so I started to think about what I could do.

My background is in big business – the technology sector (video games and mobile telecoms).

I’m lucky that I’ve been able to collect some amazing skills in my career, including managing websites, digital marketing, and leadership.

And I’ve worked with some really inspirational people, and learned a lot from them.

(You can see my LinkedIn profile here.)

I have always wanted to put my energies into doing something for the greater good.

And I’ve felt for a long time that the World was ready for a change.

So it seemed like the perfect time to set up a business with the mission to ‘Change The World’.

My original idea was just to build a small, home-grown website, but very quickly I realised there was an opportunity to do something really big.

Fortunately for me, a lot of very smart, very experienced, and well-connected people agreed with me (phew!)

So we’ve been working together over the last few weeks and months.

Our ambition is to be the best content-sharing website on the planet.

So we can use the money we generate to support social, environmental, and charitable endeavours.

We aim to Change The World via 3 initiatives (and these are only the start):

  1. Democratisation of the Web
  2. Demonstrating a different way to work
  3. Sharing our profits

People should do this because…?

We live in a global community – the Coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of this.

So we should be looking for ways to help and support each other – wherever we are on our beautiful planet.

Obviously not everyone can start up a global business (or wants to).

But there’s lots of ways to contribute.

(See our Volunteer page.)

(or you could Donate.)

You could really make a difference – in fact, you could help us ‘Change The World’.

And as a lucky by-product, it will probably give you a great sense of satisfaction too!

How do you do it?

How do you build a business with the mission to ‘Change The World’?

Well, from home, remotely to begin with!  As we’re in lockdown.

Also by having a great vision, which inspires people.

My vision is that we will build the best content-sharing website on the planet.

A global enterprise, at least the size of YouTube.

(Which generated $15 billion in revenue in 2019).

And that we will use our profits for the greater good.

We plan to certify as a ‘B-Corp‘ when we can – so this will be enshrined in law.

I’ve been lucky to find people who share my vision and who are helping build the business:

  • Directors from blue chip organisations
  • Tech entrepreneurs
  • Strategy gurus
  • Digital marketing experts
  • Content geniuses

And most importantly, people with a passion for the stuff they do – with their families and friends, or their hobbies and interests.

They are contributing ideas to the website every day, and are the beating heart of the organisation.

At the moment people are working either for free, or for minimal cost, so we can keep going while we bring in funding – because they believe in the project.

(We’re working on funding opportunities right now).

If you’d like to keep track of Stuff To Do Ltd and how we’re getting on, you can follow us on LinkedIn here.

Or take a look at the ‘Our Business’ page on the website:

Stuff To Do Ltd – Our Business

Or if you’d like to get in touch please email either:

Become a Stuffer


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