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Build a birdbath bowl

Image of a birdbath bowl

What’s the idea?

Build a birdbath bowl to encourage birds to your garden this summer, where they can cool off and have a drink.

What’s the story?

One of my earliest childhood memories is playing in the birdbath in our beautiful garden in Africa where I grew up.

During the heat, I remember having the best time splashing about in the cool water.

I got so much joy from a birdbath, and it wasn’t even made for me!

Can you imagine how much joy birds must get?

People should do this because…?

The delights of having a birdbath bowl are endless.

Create a little oasis for all the birds around.

It is a cooling pool in hot weather and provides much-needed drinking water.

Birds clean their feathers in them, and it is a great spot for them to meet each other.

Birdbath bowls also attract insects, which birds love to eat.

They can be very practical or they can make a lovely garden feature.

How do you do it?

There are many ways to build a birdbath bowl at home.

Either go all out or keep it simple.

Firstly, when choosing a spot for your birdbath you need to consider the following:

  • Level ground is important to keep it sturdy.
  • Place it in an open area but close enough to some shrubs or bushes for the birds to seek cover.
  • If you have one, place it near the bird feeder but not directly underneath it to avoid mess falling in.
  • Try to keep it out of the cat’s reach.

To build your birdbath bowl you’ll need a tray and a base.

For the tray, you could use any sort of shallow dish.

Good options include an old galvanised dustbin lid, an old cake tin or a clay plate or saucer.

The tray should be nice and wide but not too deep, no more than 5cm.

For the base, you can use bricks or an upside-down clay pot.

Once you’ve found your spot in the garden, place your tray firmly on the bricks or clay pot.

Use all-purpose glue or ceramic tile glue to secure them together.

You could get really creative with some bright-coloured natural outdoor paint.

Fill the tray with water and add in some rocks or pebbles.

Pebbles weigh the tray down, providing a nice natural surface for the birds to sit on.

Plus, they can more accurately gauge the depth of the water.

Sit back and watch all the feathery antics from your doorstep or new bird hide, which you can learn how to make here

Stuff you may need

  • A suitable spot in the garden
  • Tray (eg galvanised dustbin lid or clay saucer)
  • Bricks or a clay pot for the base
  • All-purpose glue or clay adhesive
  • Rocks or pebbles

Pick up most of these items at your local garden centre or hardware store.

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