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Brush your cat

brush your cat - photo of long-haired cat curled up on a bed

What’s the idea?

Brushing your cat (or dog) is a great way to keep their fur in condition and to enjoy a little bonding time

What’s the story?

We have 4 cats, and one of them is a Maine Coon (enormous and fluffy) – Fergus.

He really needs to be brushed regularly as he comes in from his expeditions covered in leaves, moss, twigs, and goodness knows what else!

Once a slug fell out of his bottom fur (I’m not joking).

Unfortunately if you don’t give him a regular rummage and remove all the bits and bobs, and then brush out the tangles, he ends up with dreadlocks very quickly.

This is very uncomfortable for him and means I have to cut them out with scissors, which he also hates.

(I should say, brushing isn’t just for long-haired cats – all of them can enjoy it if you take it nice & easy with them)

People should do this because…?

The floof!  The FLOOF!

How do you do it?

You will need to find a brush which your cat can tolerate.

You can buy them from pet stores etc but I use an old hairbrush of mine as Fergus seems to prefer it.

If you have never brushed your cat before, you will need to help it get used to the idea.

Pretty much all cats enjoy being brushed on the head, so if you start there, very gently, that is a good way to start.

They may also want to smell, nuzzle, or chew the brush – that’s fine.

Just start doing it every other day just for a few minutes.

Once they are used to the head, you can move down to the throat and chest.

You will know whether or not you should try to brush your cat’s belly(!)

Fergus likes it, but not all cats do.

Over time you will be able to brush for longer and if your cat is long-haired, this will help to reduce knots.

As an added bonus, it will also reduce the risk of furballs, as brushing removes lots of loose fur.

Over time it will become a lovely bonding ritual which both you and your cat will greatly enjoy.

Stuff you may need

  • Cat brush or comb, or an old hairbrush
  • At least one cat

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