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Battlebags by Joey Hession, age 8, Ireland

One day in school as the bell rang, Tim was talking to his best friend Rocky.

He was telling him about the noise he heard under his bed the night before.

He explained to Rocky, that he had heard three loud ‘thuds’. It had scared him so much he was afraid to look under the bed.

So, he just ignored it.

As the class quietened down, they both heard the same sound from under their desk.

They stared at each other in shock!

They bent down together and peered under the table. There, they saw two extraordinary bags!

One of the bags looked like fire and the other looked like ice.

Suddenly the bags started to move and made their way towards Tim & Rocky. The boys backed up and let the bags pass.

The bags shot out the door, down the stairs and out onto the street.

Tim and Rocky wondered if the bags were good or evil. They decided to follow the bags so they could find out for themselves.

They ran out onto the street and spotted the bags coming out of the bank nearby.

They ran down the street and realised that the bank was on fire! The bank was being robbed by two men in black clothes.

The bags had stopped the robbery and had the burglars trapped. The fire bag had set a ring of fire in front of the two men to stop them.

While the ice bag put out the fire so nobody would get hurt, the fire bag stayed in front of the men so they couldn’t get away.

The men were afraid to move in case he put them on fire again.

He held them there while the bank manager rang the guards. The guards came a few minutes later and the two burglars were taken off in the guards car.

Tim and Rocky could not believe their eyes!

When it was all over they made their way back to school, carrying the two bags. When they got back their teacher was in the classroom waiting for them.

She asked them where they had been. They thought they should tell her the truth but they wondered if she would believe them.

To their surprise their teacher was amazed by their story and she helped the boys come up with a name for their bags.

They called them ‘Battlebags’ and together they fought lots of battles.

Name: Joey Hession
Age: 8
Country: Ireland

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