Celebrate World Pride 2020

Celebrate World Pride 2020 with us! We’ve lined up some fun activities to entertain both kids and grown-ups alike. Add a splash of the Pride…

Deep clean your home

Here are a step by step, room by room, easy to follow instructions gleaned from cleaning experts on how to make sure you can deep clean your…

Try meditation for beginners

meditation for beginners Lady meditating outside with the sun in front and a palm tree nearby.

Meditation is an ages-old practice which can lead you to conscious awareness and has many mental, physical, & spiritual benefits

Make a fruit smoothie

Make a fruit smoothie. Cups filled with colourful fruits. Ginger and half a passion fruit

Making smoothies at home using fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable, ice and some kind of liquid to make a delicious drink. It is a quick an…

Boost your immunity with foods

Boost your immunity with foods. A rainbow made with fruits and vegetables.

Boost your immune system to help fight off infections by incorporating certain foods into your diet.
What you eat is very important when tr…