Become a professional songwriter

Become a professional songwriter

Want to make your fortune in the music industry? This step by step guide on songwriting by a music professional will teach you what you need…

Become a musician

Become a musician - photo of a band performing on stage

This article is designed to help anyone who wishes to start on the journey of becoming a musician. 🙂

Learn music theory

A basic overview of the ways you can learn music theory, with links to external resources.

Learn songwriting

A simple 10-step introduction to songwriting, with links to external resources for further study/information.

Practice yoga at home

Practise yoga at home - image of a silhouette of a woman doing a yoga stretch on one leg.

Learn to relax and centre yourself with yoga. Here are some tips on how to start practicing it at home.

De-clutter your home

A simple “How To” guide on how to declutter your home, with links to external resources.

Learn to play piano

To play the piano. Pair of hands playing the piano keyboard.

Learn the basics of playing the piano in this article. It includes useful tips on how to start and links to more resources.

Support our health workers

Showing messages of support for our health workers on a sign, projected either via the medium of a short video, or a photo. Upload it alon…