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Create art made from nature

art made from nature.

What’s the Idea?

Use various elements from your garden or walks to create a piece of art made from nature.

What’s the story

When the weather is nice I am always trying to think of ways to get the kids outside.

For one of my daughter’s remote forest school lessons she was asked to do a self – portrait or a portrait of someone in her family by using objects from the garden.

We ended up spending time beyond the lesson searching for objects and materials that we could use to create art made from nature.

It was great to see what natural treasures we could find in our own garden – something that we had never really taken the time to do before.

People should do this because…?

Creating art made from nature is an activity that ignites the imagination.

It can be done as a family or individually and gets the kids interested in nature.

It makes them appreciate what is growing around them and there is an endless amount of materials.

Most importantly it is virtually free!

There are no rules so everyone can create and interpret their art in their own way.

My son loves art and creating but dislikes drawing so he really enjoyed giving this activity a go.

There are lots of websites focused on creating art from nature such as this one here.

How do you do it?

There are many ways to create art from nature and I have listed a few links below.

To create a self-portrait or portrait from nature:

  1. If you have chalk/washable pens and a flat patio space you can draw a chalk outline around the person
  2. If you do not have a flat patio space or chalk you can always mark out the body with sticks or stones
  3. Collect natural objects from around your garden or walk to outline the face, body, clothes etc…

The National Trust website suggests finding a variety of materials that are different in size, colour and texture.

For my daughter’s self portrait we didn’t make it permanent so some of it ended up blowing away in the end.

If however, you would like to make your a more permanent piece of art made from nature you can use glue to keep the materials in shape.

The ideas are limitless – from making a house out of sticks, to outlining and animal, to creating a funny face or creating a beautiful flower from fallen petal leaves.

(Just remember that you are not taking materials from other creatures homes)

Stuff you may need

  • Access to a garden, park or walking paths to collect natural materials. Here are some suggested materials:
    • dry or fallen leaves
    • twigs
    • feathers
    • seeds
    • pine cones
    • seed pods
    • sheep’s wool that’s been caught on a fence post
    • grasses or flowers
    • pebbles
    • moss
    • mud
    • paper
    • glue
    • string or wool
  • Chalk – optional

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