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Amy Sparkles and the Big Science Experiment by Ellie Quinlivan, age 7, Ireland

On Saturday morning, Amy Sparkles woke up more excited than she had ever been in her whole life.

She was going to make her first science experiment ever!

First she added glitter to the sea water she collected at the beach.

Next she added shiny paint that she got from the paint shop. After that she added in seaweed.

Then it was time for a spoon of stars and a spoon of sequins. That was all of the ingredients.

She warmed the mixture up on the cooker. When she was stirring it, she accidentally picked up the spoon and the mixture splashed on to her dress.

All of a sudden, Amy felt all wavey inside. She could not breathe.

Then she saw a tail on herself. She slithered over the ground to the sea. She felt really happy in the water.

Then she said to herself ‘I can breathe under water’. She realised that she was a mermaid!

The fish gathered around Amy. She swam with them to the deepest most magical part of the sea.

There were jewels and sweets everywhere. ‘This is amazing!’ exclaimed Amy.

She filled her tummy with sweets. She splashed and dived and the poor fish got soaked.

She was having so much fun that she didn’t want the wonderful day to end.

Suddenly a big scary shark appeared. ‘I don’t want to get eaten’ screamed Amy and she fainted.

She opened her eyes and she was in her warm and snuggly bed with her teddy bear.

‘That was a wonderful dream’ said Amy sleepily. Or was it?

Name: Ellie Quinlivan
Age: 7
Country: Ireland

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