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Ahoy by Raymond Walsh, age 12, Ireland

green flag with drawing of skull and cutlasses

Gunpowder fumes woke me.

It was pitch black.

Suddenly an ear splitting sound of a cannonball blasted the wall beside me.

I realised the town was under attack and a mighty ship appeared in the cove with one hundred cannons, double the men and a skull flag.

My heart burst out of my chest: “Pirates!” I hollered.

I ran the alleyway cowering from gun fire.

A fresh corpse splayed next to me with a red stream of ooze flowing toward me.

His head was flattened like a pancake, maggots crawling from his eyes.

I must have dozed off during hours of gunfire as I woke up on the deck of the ship having been abducted by pirates.

A well-dressed man approached me saying “I’m Captain McGeady and welcome aboard the Eire”.

Unsure of his accent, I whispered “Thank You”.

Six months on and I’ve worked my way up the pecking order.

I’m the First Mate and the Captain and I have become good friends.

He explained his Irish background.

He’s a good captain but surrounded by enemies especially the British cavalry.

We drop anchor at an island called La Meurta where we stock up on moonshine, gunpowder and lemons to treat scurvy.

Leaving the harbour a cannonball penetrates our hull.

It was all hands on deck as we retaliated pummelling the side of their ship.

We rush the enemy with muskets, flintlocks and swords conquering the deck.

McGeady opens the door to the Captain’s quarters and a bullet hits his head.

The only person I ever trusted dying.

We took over the ship.

Bending toward my dying friend he gives me his hat faintly whispering ‘Take care of the Eire’.

The crew asked where we’re headed. “Wherever the wind takes us” I replied.

Name: Raymond Walsh
Age: 12
Country: Ireland

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