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About Us was launched by Stuff To Do on 27th March 2020 as a positive response to COVID-19.

Why We Exist

We literally only exist to ‘make lives better’ – in many different ways.

The website,, is all about positivity.

We want to help people find fun, useful, and productive things to do with their time.

This was particularly relevant during the Coronavirus lockdowns, but is still as important as ever.


Stuff To Do Ltd.

The website is owned and managed by Stuff To Do Ltd.

We are a philanthropic organisation which believes we can help ‘Change the World’.

We would like a more equal society for all (we will certify as a B-Corp when we can).

At the moment we’re focusing on 3 things:

1. Democratisation of the web:

  • Reclaiming the internet as a friendly, productive place for all
  • Making it easy for anyone to join in (even Leigh’s Great Uncle Bob)
  • Training people in simple ways to use the web to support their own projects and businesses.

2. Showing there’s a different way to work:

  • No Monday-Friday, 9-5 – it’s out of date! We work the days and hours we want
  • Home working as standard, no head office, and we’re 100% digital
  • Job share pools, to make sure no-one gets overloaded

3. Sharing our Profits:

  • We only exist to help others – it’s why we were created
  • Once we’re profitable, our money will go back out, via revenue share with Stuffers, and into social and environmental initiatives

(We believe we can be the size of YouTube within 10 years, so that’s a lot of money we can give back.)


Young People

We’re also investing in young people, offering paid internships to recent graduates, to help them get experience and a foot on the ladder.

We’ll teach them about businesses, digital marketing, and leadership too.

(Ask us about internships by emailing



Currently we are run on our Founder’s savings, donations, and volunteer time.

We think we’ll be self-sufficient by April 2021, but in the meantime, if you are able to contribute (we’d be very grateful), click the link below:


We are also looking for investors who share our values and ambition to be as big as YouTube.

We’re still working on our investor pack, but if you’d like to discuss the opportunity, please contact Leigh Brownlee at



We’ve made a commitment to operate completely transparently, so we can be held to account.

So we will publish all of our business plans and activities on this very website in the ‘Our Business’ section:

If you’d like to stay up to date with what we’re doing, you can also follow us on LinkedIn.

Or if you need our help, or you think you can help us, please email Leigh Brownlee directly at –




Meet the original Stuffers… 

Leigh Brownlee, CEO of with her labrador Layla
Leigh Brownlee

Soul on a Mission, whose idea it was to begin with

Stuffer handle: MrsB_DJ

A picture of Stacey Kitson, more commonly known as Dragon, - who created the first every Stuffer post - 'Support our Healthcare Workers'
Stacey Kitson

who published the first ever Stuffer post ‘Support our Healthcare workers’

Stuffer handle: Dragon

Tim Grant

Disruptor and great brain who gives us invaluable advice from behind the scenes, not to mention great introductions (he’s the one at the back)

Stuffer handle: Tall_Tim

A photo of Sarah Graves-Wood, one of the original Stuffers, with her sound healing bowl
Sarah Graves-Wood

The ultimate people person and 1st class creator of Stuff To Do ideas

Stuffer handle: SGW

A photo of Layla the puppy dog when she was young - the first ever animal Stuffer

The first ever animal Stuffer (and now 36 kilos!)

Stuffer handle: Layla-pup

A photo of Satu Dahl - one of the first ever Stuffers, sat in front of an enormous image of Frieda Kahlo
Satu Dahl

Editor, wordsmith, ideas woman – helping us craft the best content we can

Stuffer handle: Sats


Budding internet wunderkind

Stuffer handle: OllieE

A photo of Ross Baker and his dog, Max - Ross is one of the first ever Stuffers and oversaw the building of the website
Ross Baker

Website guru, the man who made this website happen (with the help of his team). He works for Urban Media – you can get in touch with this awesome business here.

Stuffer handle: RossTheBoss

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