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A Treasure Hunt by Samarth Gupta, age 5, India

I was playing the game of thrones,
and bang! Opens the room door.
I suddenly jumped off the bed,
and found my mother’s face red.
She was raging with anger,
I began to tremble and stagger.
She pointed me to clean the room,
and there went my face in full gloom.
This was the worst thing to do,
but there was no one for my rescue.
I felt a lump in my throat,
my heart racing and would explode.
Seeing my mother’s furious eyes,
my body was almost paralyzed.
I started from beneath the bed,
and came out cockroaches and webs.
I continued my work with full patience,
and gave my heart full condolence.
Suddenly, my rag stuck somewhere,
of the mystery box, I was unaware.
I pulled the rag with a jerk,
and banged in the box, I cursed.
Startled to see a big, heavy chest,
full of dirt, mosquitoes and feces.
Cleaned thoroughly and tried to open it,
but the lock was fully rusted.
I laboured hard to open the box,
At last, the box opened with a toss.
Alas! What I saw a crumbled paper,
looks like a map with number.
I was thrilled with the map,
and read umpteenth time with a clap.
It showed the kind of treasure,
my heart was filled with joy and pleasure.
Following the map, went to store room,
the first hint pointed towards the broom.
It vanished all of a sudden,
and came the key that was hidden.
Took hold the key in excitement,
and went for another clue of treasure hunt.
Second one led me to the terrace garden,
and there found a damp, smelly carton.
Hidden between the plants, with a hole,
tried the key into a keyhole.
Found some reptiles with a paper,
took it out as a fighter.
My bathroom was the next destination,
my excitement turned into irritation.
Suddenly, everything vanished except commode,
I trembled over it and I rolled.
I stood up in front of the main gate,
my heart pumped loudly, I suffocate .
The house of mine was evaporating,
and the chest full of gold came from within.
The gold shone like a sun,
and people present there were none.
I screamed on top of my voice,
ran towards chest, had no choice.
I kept running and running,
but found that someone was stopping.
And there came my mother’s shout,
standing straight and stout.
‘Treasure! Treasure!’ we’re my only words,
found me sleeping, she cursed.
Suddenly, she gave me a tight kick,
and woke me up in a quick.
Sleeping on the floor in a messy room,
couldn’t understand, I presume.
Still in stance, shouting for treasure,
mommie threw a jug full of water.
I realized it was dream,
No treasure was there and I screamed.
My mother’s eyes were full of anger,
I sat shattered with no treasure.
Began again with my cleaning,
with treasure in my mind, I was dreaming.

Name: Samarth Gupta
Age: 5
Country: India

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