Pretend to walk on your hands

Fool your family – let them think you are walking on your hands, when you are not. It looks funny and I love freaking my parents out when I …

Privacy / GDPR

Website privacy notice / GDPRPrivacy Notice This is the privacy notice of Stuff To Do Limited. In this document, “we”, “ou…

Bury your bones

In this time of global apocalypse, it’s really important that nobody finds your bones

Practice yoga at home

Practise yoga at home - image of a silhouette of a woman doing a yoga stretch on one leg.

Learn to relax and centre yourself with yoga. Here are some tips on how to start practicing it at home.

Have fun making loom bands

Making loom bands. Several colourful loom bands.

I’m sure you’ve heard about loom bands. Learn how to make them in this article. A fun activity to do with the kids.

Make tools from iron in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most played, infulential and popular video games around. Its about using tools, resources, mechanics, assets and ite…