Go grey

Let your hair go grey – if you’re going to be isolated for a few weeks, you can finally stop touching up your roots and embrace the grey. N…

Learn to play piano

To play the piano. Pair of hands playing the piano keyboard.

Learn the basics of playing the piano in this article. It includes useful tips on how to start and links to more resources.

Make a fruit smoothie

Make a fruit smoothie. Cups filled with colourful fruits. Ginger and half a passion fruit

Making smoothies at home using fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable, ice and some kind of liquid to make a delicious drink. It is a quick an…

Boost your immunity with foods

Boost your immunity with foods. A rainbow made with fruits and vegetables.

Boost your immune system to help fight off infections by incorporating certain foods into your diet.
What you eat is very important when tr…

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