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2020 Conches Bug Challenge by Roise Jane Nichols, age 9, UK

One day
I woke up
No school no shops
No parties
No parks swimming pools libraries
Clubs group orgs
As if a dark magic spell
Happened on the world that day
But the upside
No school no homework
Stay up late
Have more fun
Spend time
With brother sisters and grandma
And garden time
Paddle pool time
Swing slide garden time
Food drinks
Indoor party
To go to
Indoor club groups
Do more drawing paint
Chilling out
Ice cream
Telly dinners
Ball pit
Paddle Poole
Fun fun fun
Family friends
Pets time
Teddy bear dolls
Play games
Play music
Indoor outdoor
Play indoor out books
Fun fun fun
Enlighten the fun fun memory’s

Name: Roise Jane Nichols
Age: 9
Country: United Kingdom

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