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TOP STUFF - our most viewed posts

Learn about common garden birds - image of a robin

Learn about common garden birds

Discover more about the common garden birds that you’re likely to see around you and in your garden. A great way to get outdoors.

Grow herbs in containers - image of herbs

Grow herbs in containers

Grow herbs in containers to kickstart your fragrant herb garden!  Growing a herb garden is easy and a great introduction to gardening.

Grow your own vegetables - rows of lettuces

Learn to grow your own vegetables

Create your first vegetable patch and grow your own vegetables. Much tastier and more satisfying than shop-bought vegetables.

Need to keep your little angels busy? We’ve got tons of great ideas, just for kids!

Love the Natural World? Try out these ideas – suitable for all ages

Learn about common garden birds - image of a robin

Learn about common garden birds

Discover more about the common garden birds that you’re likely to see around you and in your garden. A great way to get outdoors.

If you’re lucky enough to have garden space or an allotment plot, these ideas are for you

Picture of Allotment Garden

Start an allotment garden

Get away from the digital world and regain your connection with nature by starting an allotment garden.

Lawn care tips. Green lawn with a an apartment block in the background.

Try these lawn care tips

Summer can be a tough time for your lawn, so try these lawn care tips to bring your grass to life.

Grow tomatoes at home. Bunch of ripe and green tomatoes.

Grow tomatoes at home

Would you like to grow your own tomatoes at home? In this article you will find out about different varieties, when to sow the seeds, how to…

An appreciation of the finer things in life

Modern day druids - women and men in druid robes in the sunlight.

Learn all about Celtic Druids

Celtic Druids are a key part of the Summer Solstice celebrations. Learn about this ancient religion and present-day practices.

The Green Man.

Meet The Green Man

Learn about the Green Man; the mysterious figure who is part of the Midsummer celebrations around the world.

Stonehenge tour - image of Stonehenge.

Experience a virtual Stonehenge tour

With the summer solstice only a few days away, why not take an interactive tour of the most famous pre-historic monument in the world.

Love music, film, and TV? Let us entertain you!

British movies - image of the union jack with the words 'great british movies' across it.

Watch these 5 must-see British movies

The British Independent Film Awards are the hallmark of a fine British Movie. Here’s my must-see British films from the Winners and Nominees

Computer games…family games…and some good old classics

Outdoor games for kids - image of girl playing giant outdoor Jenga.

Make your own outdoor games for kids

Some of your favourite family and board games are easy to make and are even more awesome in your garden or outdoor space. Find out how to ma…

Play the ‘Who Am I?’ game

The ‘Who Am I?’ game, also known as the ‘Rizla’ game or ‘Forehead Detective’ game, is a brilliant FREE way to have fun at home for all ages

Take care of yourself, you’re important

Love to create? This section is for you! We have loads of ideas for adults and for kids. 

More than just funny cat videos, here’s some great ideas for animal-lovers.

signs of overheating in dogs - white french bulldog with its tongue out in the countryside.

18 signs of overheating in dogs

Learn to spot these 15 signs of overheating in dogs and keep your canine friend safe through the Summer months.

House train a puppy - image of a puppy.

House train a puppy

It is important to know how to house train a puppy. It can be a lot of work, but here are some helpful tips for your new dog.

donate to zoos during covid19 - two lions rubbing heads together affectionately.

Donate to zoos

A lot of zoos are really struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic and some are struggling to feed their animals. Donate a small amount to help

Whether you’re looking for something healthy, naughty, or fun, we have lots of food ideas!

Sometimes you just need help with the basics…. here’s some practical ideas

Depression and anxiety are very common but also treatable. Our mental health section is curated by a mental health professional.

Anxiety symptoms - anxiety disorders are exhausting and debilitating - we explain how to recognise the symptoms

Recognise anxiety symptoms

Anxiety is a debilitating condition which can make you nervous, worried or uneasy, or cause panic attacks. Learn to recognise the symptoms.

Take a depression test - if you're worried you're suffering from depression, there is an NHS depression test you can take online

Take the NHS depression test

If you think you might be depressed, you can take the NHS online depression test and check the your symptoms. It’s confidential and free.

recognise symptoms of depression - depression is really common, if you spot the symptoms early on, it is easier to treat

Recognise depression symptoms

Depression symptoms are common – globally, 264 million+ people suffer. If you can spot the symptoms sooner, they are easier to treat.

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